Once there was home…

Unlike most people who come to the UAE to make a living, some of us Pakistanis are the most unique, people like me who have been living outside of Pakistan for the past 43 odd years (some six or seven spent back home). That’s four decades and a lifetime of living away. I’m sure it’s […]

Steak of the economy

Being the topic that it is, asking someone how they are doing or how their business is doing gets you varying answers from ‘people are loosing jobs’ to the ‘economy is in tatters’ and a few ‘Alhumdolillahs’ here and there. What does anyone know about the economy anyway? We’re not economists. The question often answered […]

Summer ends 23 September

As dawn breaks I’m scanning a few topics to write about. I’m trying to develop a habit of writing every morning and some ideas take precedence over others. It’s quiet at the moment. I’ve set our pedestal fan to low speed. It’s not daringly hot at 6:24 a.m. to switch on air conditioning (which I […]

The story of us.

Natural human tendency is to settle, to abide within a certain mental and social framework and to seek the constant – the unchanging, the stagnant, the lazy. In an environment where the majority being led are busy fighting fires in their daily lives, or have lost hope to persecution, plunder and injustice,… leadership or the […]

Change the thinking at the top

Change the thinking at the top, and you automatically change the thinking at the bottom. Remember this: when you take over the leadership of a group, the persons in that group immediately begin to adjust themselves to the standards you set. This is most noticeable during the first few weeks. Their big concern is to […]

Strong tea

There are days when I wake up thinking I want strong tea. It’s just a state of mind that lasts a few minutes and then I’m happy to have my usual tea. I don’t run on tea like most Pakistanis claim they do, or actually do. I have tea once when I wake up and […]

This watch tells time…

… among other things. I have owned an Apple Watch from Series 0 (zero), or the first version of the Apple Watch. It was simply called the Apple Watch then (four years and some months ago). I bought mine from a listing on eBay.com and had it shipped all the way to the UAE. It […]

The opposite of Time

Sleep. It’s the opposite of time. Yet in many ways it’s similar to it. It heals, it’s short lived, you can’t have enough of it, once it’s up it’s never back, it’s a blessing, it’s what we need most and value too little. And, it’s the only way humanity moves forward.

Can’t wait for Apple Arcade

I’m intensely excited about Apple Arcade which is Apple’s new and upcoming (19/09) gaming subscription service. I love the price point at AED 19.99/month (or $4.99/mo). A one-month trial is included, which is an excellent way to try the service. I am not a fan of subscriptions and have cancelled some of mine in recent […]

So new iPhones

By now if you care, you know about the new iPhones launched this week. Om Malik’s event notes are good enough summary of the Apple event. This year’s iPhones are better, like they are every year, incrementally so, year-on-year. There’s all kinds of comment available on the new iPhones, so where you really stand depends […]