Warp speed ending…

Dying rose photo © Copyright by Silvestri Matteo

44 years (45 this month) in and on this planet makes me very finicky about what I choose to do during my typical day. It’s the nervousness of knowing that the rest of the time I have left on the planet, is literally quite limited. I’m guessing yours is too.

This doesn’t mean that I simply don’t waste time, I do, and at times I realize that what I’ve lost in reading news, or random blog posts is my sanity and mental peace. In today’s times, with the pandemic around and old wars roaring anew, to some extent it’s wise to stay informed, yet, it’s also a massive headache to deal with all the senselessness and tiredness that follows.

Over the years I have left time wasting activities as a whole and these haven’t affected me much. I left Facebook at least six years ago, as far as I remember, and have had no intention to engage on Twitter, simply because there’s just too much wayward engagement, with strangers and unwanted advertising. Other social platforms came later, so I try not to catch up.

The general rule of the thumb here is – if it’s taking a lot of my time, it’s something I’ve got to get rid of – without too much reasoning or convincing. News is an addiction, I want to know what’s going on, yet, if we think about it, most of it is irrelevant, it’s not local and it’s always bad or sad news. Still, I go about it, reading, sharing and using apps like Google (not the news app, just the Google app) that in most silly ways can’t stop sharing the same kind of stuff that I just read an article about. It’s really silly intelligence, or stupid intelligence, or artificial intelligence, whatever you want to call it, but if a topic interests me for a split second, I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life reading about it. Planet Mars and all the human shenanigans going about on the planet right now are interesting, and irrelevant.

So I’ve recently deleted the Google app on my Samsung S10 Lite (now retired). I usually never bother using it on my iPhone, but it’s worth deleting it there too. Which I have.

WhatsApp and Youtube are also big time wasters, though I have come to the conclusion that I have to live with these two, at least because at some level I have to engage with humans (friends, family and business acquaintances) and human generated content. Sigh.

That said, I’m still inclined towards deleting WhatsApp, it would be a huge time saver, but then I feel I’ll lock myself out from some of my closest friends who I need to annoy for my own petty reasons, and draw away from family, missing the little moments we share together from afar.

As for YouTube, it’s another mess, and there’s all kinds of content, so it’s very important to know what I’m looking for and be brutal in selecting my ‘subscriptions’ (yes those Subscribes that all YouTubers keep asking us to become). I am a YouTube Premium member now, because I simply couldn’t get over the fact that my kids were being bombarded with vague and at times insane advertising. So YouTube Premium takes away all these ads and sets me back AED 35.99 every month. Damn.

So what’s the take here?

Time is not only not on our side, it’s warp speed ending.

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