The story of us.

Natural human tendency is to settle, to abide within a certain mental and social framework and to seek the constant – the unchanging, the stagnant, the lazy.

In an environment where the majority being led are busy fighting fires in their daily lives, or have lost hope to persecution, plunder and injustice,… leadership or the qualities of leadership amongst us die or lay silent. In such lands, the status-quo marches forward with a menacing non-defeating loud thud – a devilish giant, a maniacal system that reins loose and suppresses those that could have stood against it.

Such any system isn’t of its own, it’s the outcome of hate, of injustice, of race, of hunger, of suffering, of loss, of sacrifice, of greed, of falsehood, of ignorance, of arrogance, of dishonesty, of chance, of opportunity, of insanity, of shame and of vacuum.

This gives birth to insipid, unthinking, egoistic, manipulative, uneducated monsters who assume power, position and place in society as its leaders – the look-up-tos to whom society succumbs to for want of their daily bread or for menial favors that ought to be given rather than begged for. People are kept busy, too busy, to think, to educate, to access information, to improve, to better their lives or to simply live happily. The are forced to feed the never-ending cycle of disgust.

Amongst all this, the protagonist of our story, our savior, the leader to become, the one who will deliver us from our bondage, our hopelessness, our failure, is born.

As the protagonist is brought up, lives within, gathers name and honor in and amongst the suffering people – ‘his people’ – the cycle of injustice grows, reaches its peak, touches the weakest, poorest first, the affluent next, the heartless eventually, encompassing everyone as it feeds on every hope for justice, rears its head in absolute unrelenting command, only to bow to the devil’s desire to insult, injure and incinerate man.

Does the protagonist know his time has come? Probably not.

Life, circumstances, truth, compassion, empathy and revelation from Allah (God Almighty) have inspired men to stand for justice and rise above the desires of the self. In that vein we see great men who walked this earth in our little human history as protagonists of great stories.

We all love and so do I love and cherish many truths of the triumph of justice. Amongst the Prophets of Allah and other greats, here are a few real stories close to my heart:

The story of Moosa (alihassalam), Firaun and the Bani Israel.
The story of Muhammad (rasoolallah), Quraish and Islam.

The story of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, British Raj and the creation of Pakistan.
The story of Imran Khan, the Corrupt and the quest for Naya Pakistan.

The story of us.