This watch tells time…

… among other things.

Apple Watch Series 5 with Always-On Retina display.

I have owned an Apple Watch from Series 0 (zero), or the first version of the Apple Watch. It was simply called the Apple Watch then (four years and some months ago).

I bought mine from a listing on and had it shipped all the way to the UAE. It was one of those purchases, the call for which, begins deep from within your heart.

What transpired over the two years that followed is one of the most exceptional experiences of my life. My Apple Watch purchase triggered a series of events that resulted in the creation of an online store at that first became a “Trusted Store” and soon achieved a “Super Store” badge on that platform. It’s a story worth telling some day (and I will). Both that store and are no more.

Early 2019 I gifted my Apple Watch Series 0 (zero) to my dearest friend’s son who loved it and took it up to Turkey on a school-trip with his friends. The young lad has since become an Apple Watch fan and I was delighted to see his 16,000+ step count in a single day on that trip.

My current Apple Watch is a Series 2 Nike that I bought online from Carrefour UAE at an excellent price of AED 799 and later purchased AppleCare+. Series 2 is a fine watch, it’s just not as quick as the later models, nor is it lacking in any major way (but a few unsupported ones).

Apple Watch Series 3 starts at AED 799 from Apple UAE (from 10/09 keynote day) in limited colors (of course). You read that right.

The problem with considering any purchase ‘an excellent price’ today is that it’s bested in some way or the other in six months therefrom.

I picked Series 2 for the simple reason it is water resistant and can be used when making wudu, taking a shower (with some caution) or shallow water activities (like swimming or being at a waterpark). Series 0 (zero) and 1 (one) were splash proof and mine lasted some four years in normal use without a hitch. I also made wudu with it at times.

Series 4 is now Series 5 with one big improvement. It has an always on display aptly named the: Always-On Retina display. This lets you glance at the watch without raising your wrist (but that burned some calories for sure?), something I’d love to try, if not, buy today.

The Always-On Retina display on the new Apple Watch Series 5 will propel Apple Watch sales like never before. The always on display is fantastic and it will be a massive distraction in places like the masjid with some folks glancing at your wrist or when you’re in a dark place and your watch face is eerily always on.

Is this when you buy your first Apple Watch? If you haven’t bought one, I’m not really sure. If you’re not an iPhone user, you can’t really own one for its want of an iPhone. If you own an iPhone, you may be someone who loves watches that aren’t digital. So it depends on well, you.

Series 5 is a compelling purchase for anyone who seriously wants to use technology to assist them in maintaining a healthier than usual lifestyle. You may simply want to buy one to monitor High or Low heart rates since High Heart Rate and Low Heart Rate notifications are supported in the UAE. But then Irregular Rhythm Notifications and ECG and some other features are not supported, thus far.

Series 2 is zippy-enough, so Series 3 from Apple at AED 799 is an excellent purchase. Series 5 offers aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic materials and being biased towards stainless steel and ceramic (these two remind me of kitchen utensils), my choice of material is aluminum or titanium.

I absolutely love Apple Watch Hermès Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Single Tour at AED 5,199 (44mm) yet if I have to buy one today, I’ll match up Apple Watch Edition Titanium Case with Sport Loop for AED 3,199 (44mm, GPS + Cellular) with an iPhone 11 Pro Space Gray (256 GB).

BIG GRIN. (no emoji here)

And did you know, the new Apple Watch Series 5 opens portals too?

Open a portal with Apple Watch Series 5!