Can’t wait for Apple Arcade

LEGO Brawls, multiplayer brawler set in the LEGO universe.

I’m intensely excited about Apple Arcade which is Apple’s new and upcoming (19/09) gaming subscription service. I love the price point at AED 19.99/month (or $4.99/mo). A one-month trial is included, which is an excellent way to try the service.

I am not a fan of subscriptions and have cancelled some of mine in recent years (Netflix and Playstation for various reason), yet I feel compelled to try and buy the Apple Arcade subscription, for a few reasons:

a. It’s just 19.99 AED/mo. after a free one-month trial. If you subscribe today, I doubt you’ll be asked to pay a higher amount a couple years down the line.

b. It’s fresh and loaded with absolutely new games – 100+ this fall. I wonder how many would follow.

c. I can play the same game on any Apple device I own! So some of these games will be superb when played on Apple TV with a controller (you can use your Xbox One S or PlayStation 4 controller with an iOS device with iOS 13 coming 19/09).

d. I’ll be less worried about intrusive ads when my kids play games (as a rule we disallow any game that is ad-based and prefer to purchase a paid version if the game is really worth having).

e. My family can enjoy the same subscription, which is fantastic.

The casual, not so worthy of my money way for Apple to go about Apple Arcade would have been to create a subscription 1. based on all the games that were already available in the App Store (expensive or impossible), 2. for some of them (which isn’t ideal because I’d always want a game that isn’t in the subscription) or 3. for classic titles (which by the way is what Xbox and Playstation offer today along with the ability to play online). Apple chose to go about Arcade differently, creating an entirely new service with new games and giving it a riveting price point. I love that feeling of exclusivity.

The only problem I foresee is not having the time to play any game during any month and maintain an unused subscription. My kids can play of course 24.7 if we let them loose on gaming – which hurts their eyes and minds! They’re both allowed 30 minutes of screen time on any given day and a little more on weekends. This being school-season, it’s going to be very hard to justify an Apple Arcade purchase to the mother-ship.

I too, am busier than usual. I try all kinds of free games from the App Store when I have a minute and most of these get deleted 2 to 3 minutes into the game. The only game I prefer playing every day is CnC Rivals on an iPad Pro, three to four games per session. It’s the most I can afford during my work days, and on weekends, I’m rarely geared towards gaming. I simply don’t have the inclination.

So the only way to make this work is for Apple to make sure all games on offer are exceptional in taste and arcade-like never ending thrill-inducing. I hope.

Why is Apple creating services like Apple Arcade (or Apple TV+)? First, they have a growing install based of over 1.4 billion devices which really means a huge percentage of these users can simply become early adopters, while others can join later. Second, most of those 1.4 billion device owners are Apple fans and loyal to the brand. Those adoption rates can simply be insane. If a 100 million Apple users decide to opt for Apple Arcade and pay the small fee of $4.99/month, Apple’s bagged 499 million dollars per month, yes, approximately 5.988 or 6 billion dollars per year. That figure in AED is a staggering 22 billion dirhams and then some.

Apple Arcade is 2019s most exiting Apple (product and) service. Apple TV+ comes close (it’s harder to produce 100+ episodes of anything, so it will get there). iPhone 11 (eleven) is exciting too.