Shut the WhatsTAP

Since the dawn of the Internet, we’ve always had some chat program that takes the limelight and everyone, that is everyone you know uses it, and considers it divine. A few chat programs from yesteryears come to mind: mirc, icq, msn messenger, aim, yahoo messenger – these were some of the most used and almost […]

Many a castles lie in ruin…

I skipped writing yesterday, I had a new design to push for our Spiderz home page and that went well. Using the tools we do, it takes about a day to refresh a web page’s design, mobile friendly and all, polished. You can see it at – it’s slick. I’ve had my breakfast, and […]

Chai tos makhan khain…

An early morning, breakfast of chai tos makhan (brewed-tea, toast and butter) has returned. After my strong tea article, one of my dear friends pointed out the risks of having tea on an empty stomach. For one, many of the articles on the subject sight black tea as the problem, while some of the articles […]

The pastures of yore…

Your face is your identity. Not your hair. Neither your beard. It’s your face that every human or AI would read and uniquely identify you, as you. Facial hair is beyond unique. There is a recent worry and an on-going trend among males of my age, among friends and family to restore what was once […]

Where’s my lucky number iOS 13?

If you’re wondering where iOS 13’s been all day, today being Thursday, September 19 release day, the new OS is still a couple of hours away. UAE release time being 9:00 PM. If you’re in other time zones, you can google ‘10 a.m. PT.’ The update should go live right around 10 a.m. PT. And […]

Netflix free

My blog is read by my children. So this post will be written for the eyes of a child. Ones that are too precious for the nurturing of their minds and their souls. If you’re intelligent, you’ve got the point already and can simply proceed to cancel your Netflix subscription. If you’re the ziddy (stubborn) […]

Once there was home…

Unlike most people who come to the UAE to make a living, some of us Pakistanis are the most unique, people like me who have been living outside of Pakistan for the past 43 odd years (some six or seven spent back home). That’s four decades and a lifetime of living away. I’m sure it’s […]

Steak of the economy

Being the topic that it is, asking someone how they are doing or how their business is doing gets you varying answers from ‘people are loosing jobs’ to the ‘economy is in tatters’ and a few ‘Alhumdolillahs’ here and there. What does anyone know about the economy anyway? We’re not economists. The question often answered […]